10 ideas for rainy days

When the weather is not on your side, the only thing that you can do is be creative and channel your kids’energy. Here are 10 activities that will help you trough the day ;):


  • Go to an indoor playground.

I admit that it is a bit loud for the parents but kids love it. It is a perfect option when you sense that your kids really need to go outside the house. There are more and more of them with different themes and they will love it.


  • Play some board games : monopoly Jr, Mille bornes, Uno, mime games..etc.

Why not enjoy some lovely family time and get some board games out for a great time.


  • Organize a DIY activity such as palydough, salt dough or a DIY with recycling products.

It is always such a success! I have a box filled with supplies (glue, sparkles & sequins, paintings, stickers, ribbons, modelling clay, sticks…etc.) and they always spend a couple of hours on it everytime I get the box out.

They can also search in the recycle tray for anything they need to build an object. My daughter is a very creative person but I found that she is even more creative starting from scratch.


  • Watch a movie, in the theater or at home. 

If at home, pick a good movie, get some pop-corn,close your curtains and you’ll have some happy kids.


  • Visit a museum or exhibiton.

Check out for anything happening near you and enjoy a cultural trip.


  • Improvize a drawing session: it can be anything: painting, colouring, drawing…

You can even give them a theme if they are short of ideas.


  • Cook a recipe.

Always a hit! Whether they help you with the dinner or they prepare a cake for the middle-afternoon snack, they’ll love it.

I oftently make some biscuits that they can shape with pastry cutter and then decorate with frosting or small color marbles.


  • A dancing session, if your space allows it.

You just have to create the perfect playlist and let them have fun and dance around.


  • Read books ( you or the kids or both).

Nothing like a storytime at home.


  • Help them build a hud in their room.

You can use anything and it can take any form. Kids will have fun building it and will spend hours playing in it afterwards.


         What are your tips to keep kids busy on a rainy day?

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