10 healthier habits

This year I didn’t have a long list of resolutions but one guidelines to follow: to take better care of me and my body in order to gain energy. I started in 2015 and I intend to keep working on it this year.

I am not talking about diets but healthier choices; diets don’t work, I tried it many times and it unbalance you system more than making you losing weight. Put yourself in a position where you can decide and not having anything forbidden will make you tend to make healthier choices and avoid frustration.

This will not happen overnight, I kow it will be a slow and soft process. Therefore, I plan on introducing gradually these habits to my routine until they become completely part of it.

I know I will have to work on being constant on the long run, but I believe I can achieve it.

I’ll keep you posted in a few month on my evolution.





Drink warm lemon water in the morning.

This ritual will make you feel better as you’ll get the feeling of purifying you body in the morning and it will give you the envy to continue taking care of it during the rest of the day. A quiet and peacefull break before starting your day!



Wash my mouth in the morning with sesame oil.

I heard about that recently and how it can kill germs in your mouth, therefore, I am willing to give it a try.



Always have a fruit, smoothie or juice with my breakfast.

Since I started this habit, I now cannot go on with my day if I didn’t have at least a fruit with my breakfast, I can feel that my body is in demand. Therefore this has become an habit and it feels great :).



Do a few streching or yoga exercises in the morning.

I know that we are all running around in the morning, but it takes no more than 10-15 minutes, so let’s put the alarm clock 15 minutes early and say “OM”.

I have never been really attracted to yoga (but yet curious!) as I prefer intensive sports, however when I finally tried it with Youtube videos, I was suprised on how good I felt after each session: I felt physically toned and mentally relaxed.



Switch coffee for green tea more often.

I admit that some mornings, I NEED my cup of coffee, this is non-negociable ;), however, most of the time, it’s easy to switch to tea and it actually feels better as coffee tends to stress me out.



Eat less industrial products.

I once read about the food that we were ”putting  inside our body” and for some reasons, this image really resonated in my mind.

I got more conscious of what I was feeding my body with. I know it is sometimes easy to be tempted with a chocolate bar, but thinking a minute of everything that bar is made of and that it is what will get inside you and feed your body – under this angle, I am way more aware and thoughfull about what goes inside.



Eat more oleaginous food (nuts, almonds…etc.) along with chia and  hemp seeds.

There are so many of them, many are unknown, yet their benefits are multiple and they bring so much energy and vitality to your everyday life.

For example, I am now having chia seed with almond milk and fruits for breakfast or I add milled chia to my smoothies or salad dressings. There are many ways to introduce them in our eating diet.



Be more active

More walking, less driving and more of any other activities. 

I am using a steps counter to know how much I have walked each day. I also bike a lot in summertime and loving it.

It’s all about taking all the opportunities to move, as mentionned in my article





Always keep vegetable sticks in my fridge, ready to snack on.

This is a great way to avoid unhealthy snacking. We all know that it is easier to open a chocolate bar than preparing vegetables sticks, having them ready in the fridge will make your life easier to pick healthier snacks.



Get my juicer out more. 

I recently discover juicing (which is not the same as a smoothie) and it’s such a condensed of goodness for your body.

Every time I am drinking one I literally can see a change in my skin as my complexion gets so much brighter, it is simply amazing.

Therefore, I can’t help but thinking that if it does so much good on the outside, it must be very good for my inner body.

It takes time and many vegetables and fruits to make one juice, but it is totally worth it.



Apparently, we need 21 days for a change in our life to become a habit…therefore, I will try to adopt these long enough so that it becomes habits that are part of my day naturally.


Do you have any healthy resolutions for this year and what are they?

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