10 things I love about winter

During winter time, sometimes, we are only seing the cold, the snow and all the clothes we have to wear to keep ourselves warm outside.

But there are also many wonderful things about winter; therefore, let’s stop complaining and start enjoying the season.

I listed 10 things I love about winter below, it helps while waiting patiently for spring ;).


  1. Go for a walk outside, in a parc for example and go come back home to make yourself a hot chocolate or a coffee with gourmet dessert.
  2. Read a great book by the fireplace.
  3. Walk in the beautiful white snow.
  4. Ride a sleigh with the kids and fall back into childhood.
  5. Take advantage of winter sports: skiing, snowshoe trek ice skating …you choose!
  6. Discover new café or tea rooms.
  7. Start a new indoor activity: sew, knit or even start a new music instrument.
  8. Enjoy confort meals: fondue, raclette, poutine…you name it!
  9. Spend cocooning time at home.
  10. Spend the week-end in a cabin.


Happy winter!


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