10 TV shows you should be watching

Winter is the perfect time to catch up on tv shows and discover new ones. Any excuses are good to stay in bed or get cozy on the couch. I have put together a list of shows you should try, if you haven’t already:




: everyone knows Olivia Pope, a strong woman, expert in PR that has solutions for everything (except maybe for her loving life).


The Mindy project

: so refreshing, funny and entertaining. Mindy Kaling is funny, full of energy and sweet.



: I like these four girls from New York that are the opposite of Carrie Bradshaw and her girlfriends. Lena Dunham’s character is such a pain but we enjoy following her.



: the show is over but I found it very entertaining, despite some episodes a bit slower than others. Overall I’d recommand you to watch it.



: when a little scammer, who is a genious, gets a job in a big law firm. The main duet of actors is great as well as the scenario and supporting roles.



(US): you thought you life sucked? Wait until you meet the Gallagher. For those who know the English version, this is literally the same, only with American actors.


Breaking bad

: one of my favorite show ever. Bryan Cranston (the dad from Malcom in the middle) is truly amazing. This is a must-see if you haven’t already.



(US): nice and entertaining, definitely a women’s show.



: I just started to watch it and I’m liking it.


Jane the virgin

: funny voice-over, improbable scenario, this is different and refreshing.


How about you? What TV shows have you been watching lately?

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