Last January, I decided to start learning more about personal development and I am amazed to notice how much it has helped me and has such a positive reflection on me, my well-being and on my overall life.

As an entrepreneur, state of mind and vision are essential; that is why it is so important to work on yourself so that you keep on a great spirit despite the difficulties you may encounter and the times of intense doubt you might also go through.


Therefore I wanted to share with you 3 names of persons that I am following online and that have helped me tremendously working on myself in order  to shift toward a thriving feeling on myself; personally and professionnally.





, French motivational speaker

I discovered him very recently and I am astonished by how talented he is and by the great amount of knowledge he has on the subject. He has met with many interesting people working on personal development.

His story is also worth telling, as he used to be very shy and had a hard time living and loving himself because of that; and now seing that talented & inspiring young men that he has become forces respect.

 He is such a great source of motivation, watching his



 videos is good to help you develop your self confidence. 





, writer, reporter and co-founder of the

100 Day Reality Challenge

You can take part of this 100 Day Reality Challenge for free. The concept is to indentify a personal goal, with yourself, that you want to achieve, or at least get as closed as possible, in a 100 days period. There is a big and very active community around that challenge so you will feel supported and you will be able to share your progress with other members, which is very motivating.

I started mine on September 1st, and still going as of today, it really feels like you are taking control over your life by deciding to make it better in changing the things you don’t like.



founder of

Zen Habits

As it is said by Leo on his website, “Zen Habits is about finding simplicity and mindfulness in the daily chaos of our lives.”

His newsletter are full of great tips, I really enjoy reading them and applying some of his advices in my life.

In order to make sure I don’t forget all the great teaching I get on personal development, I decided to dedicate a notebook to that purpose. I write all the infos that I want to remember, what I want to test and the motivational quotes I want to keep in mind. With that notebook, I can regularly go through my notes as a reminder.


What are your methods to boost your self-confidence and well-being? Who are the people that inspire you?

I mostly know French or Quebecker on this subject, but I would love to discover more English speakers too; therefore all your sources will be appreciated :).



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