9 steps to a perfect manucure

Because we can’t always go to a salon to get our nails done, here are 9 steps that will allow you to do your manucure yourself at home:


  1. File

    your nails (to the shape & lenght you like).

  2. Soak

    your hands in a soapy tepid water bowl.

  3. Apply

    an emollient creme (or oil) on nails and cuticles.

  4. Massage

    them in circles with the cream for a few minutes so that it softens your cuticles.

  5. Push back

    cuticles with a wooden stick or a cuticle pusher.

  6. Gently


    the cuticles with a cuticles remover.

  7. Shine

    your nails with a polisher.

  8. Apply

    a protective base coat.

  9. Apply

    your nailpolish (optional).


Easy, right? And you will see that the more you practice, the more you’ll become familiar to these techniques !


Do you have any personnal tips for a beautiful home manucure?

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