Environment & our kids

My daughter’s school is very focused on the environment and the awareness of the children regarding the planet they live on and I find it amazing.

At 6 years old, she is already perfectly aware that we need to take care of our planet and how to do so.

We need to be clear about not forgetting to recycle a packaging 🙂 !

I find it very important to raise awareness at a young age so it can becomes a reflex action and they can keep those values in their adult life.


They just need to be explained that it is our duty to take care of the planet we live on and to show how they can do it with daily simple things:


  • Walking or biking instead of driving.


  • Turning off the light when leaving a room.


  • Saving water when brushing your teeth.


  • Showering instead of bathing preferably.


  • Sorting and recycling.


  • Not littering.


  • Paying attention to the flowers and the trees that surround us.


  • Making things with used products like paper, tissue boxes, yogurt pots… etc. Furthermore, they love that and their creativity is really stimulated.


  • Retrieving used batteries and bringing them to dedicated locations in some shops.


  • Preferably picking classic products as opposed to disposable ones, for exemple a sponge is better than disposable wipes.


There are many books on the topic, we borrowed a few from the library with my daughter and she loved it.


Once again, I do think those are essential values to pass on to our children and when it is clearly explained, they take it to heart and eventually they are doing it so naturally  you just won’t have to repeat yourself.


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