How to get stronger nails ?

Unfortunately I am not one of those who have naturally strong and long nails. Nope, mine break easily and I am struggling to keep them all at the same length.

Since I like having nice hands, using colorful nail polishes, wearing rings on my fingers and I am not a big fan of gel manicures (too time consuming and actually bad for your nails), I tried to find other solutions.


  • How to get stronger nails?

After many tries, I found a combo that has been working pretty well on me,  if I use it on a regular basis:  Mavala’s nail hardener and Sally Hansen’s

Hard As Nail


First, I apply the 

Mavala’s hardener

to the top of my nails ( it soaks into the nail almost instantly) and then a layer of Sally Hansen’s hardener.

I also file them regularly. Anytime I see that they are getting weaker, I file them a little bit and it prevents them from breaking.

I take care of my nails on a daily basis, I have to, if I don’t, they will break for sure, therefore this has become my pre- bed time routine.

This enables me to have a nice manucure and wear colourful nailpolishes even on my still relatively short nails.

Which nail care products are your favorite?

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