A new start: chapter II

If you read my first article on the topic (


), today I am going to share with you a bit of an assessment of my adventure to this day.

The first weeks were extremely difficult, especially for my blog because I had a crazy to-do list and I wanted to do and control everything as quickly as possible. To have time but to want to achieve so much, by myself, it is a bit destabilising. I wanted things to move fast in order to see results quickly and to be able to say that I had achieved something in my life now, since I had put behind me my employee time. But actually things need time to set up correctly.

I had in mind to train myself on so many tools: from mastering photoshop to photography as well as Google web master tools… And I am not even going to mention them all.

     It was heading straight to a burn-out if I were carrying along this road. So I decided to put my perfectionism aside and to move step by step, congratulating myself looking at how much I had already achieved so far instead of looking at the high mountain top I needed to reach eventually. And it is all so much better like this and I am more serene in my work.

     I put things into perspective a lot and I had a curious look into the archives of some bloggers that make a living of it. Trust me, the photos when they first started look nothing like the amazing pictures they are publishing now. So we are all starting more or less small and we get better with time.

I also learnt to delegate some tasks in order to make available more quality time. I manage a very tight budget coming from my savings since I don’t have any income. But spending it on some ressources was such a weight off my shoulders that I know it is money well spent.


However, to do what you enjoy and love is all nice but it doesn’t pay the rent. So I landed some freelance contracts in marketing (I didn’t even really look for it! Just the right meeting at the right moment! Incredible!).

It is not yet enough to live, but it’s a start and to do my work through contracts gives it a new dimension. I realise that I really enjoy doing it but I need that freedom that freelance allows.

And I carry on working on potential entrepreneurial projects. At the moment, I don’t have anything concrete to reveal, you will have to wait :).


At the same time, I read and gather material about personal development. I learn a lot each day about myself, about life in general and I am following a training I’m going to tell you about once finished to give you my opinion.


If I had to make an assessment on my situation today, I would say I work more than before but it is different because I am free toward my schedule that I can adapt depending of my or my kids needs, without having to ask permission to someone.

I sometimes wake up at 3am with ideas filling my head and a urge to write because it is at this exact moment that inspiration shows up.

But sometimes I’m in front of my computer and it doesn’t come. So I’m following my pace and I’m going to do sport, go for a walk, do some housework and then I go back to my work.  I listen to myself and it is new for me to do that. This feeling of freedom has no price but I am conscious that I will need to work hard to develop a concrete business. Otherwise I might have to give up self-employment.


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  • Salut Tamara,

    Tu as toute mon admiration. Ta démarche est à la fois audacieuse et courageuse! Tu as le mérite d’être une véritable actrice de ta vie plutôt que de la subir. Tu es en plein dans cette citation de Steve Jobs “Si tu ne travailles pas pour tes rêves, quelqu’un t’embauchera pour travailler pour les siens”. Cette citation a ravivé beaucoup de choses en moi et la lecture de tes témoignages aussi. Garde ta persévérance et ton enthousiasme. Ce n’est qu’une question de temps pour que tes ambitions deviennent réalité. Bon succès et à très bientôt!

    • Merci Sandrine, ton commentaire me touche beaucoup. C’est vrai que c’est beaucoup de travail mais pour l’instant ce sentiment de liberté me va à merveille. Tes encouragements me vont droit au coeur, et je m’en souviendrai dans les moments un peu plus dur où des doutes apparaissent.
      Mille mercis pour ces mots.

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