A new start: Chapter 1

The title sounds a bit dramatic, I agree with you, but the story isn’t. I just want to share with you this new adventure I am just starting now. In order to better understand, here is a quick summary of the situation: i quit my job in marketing in the field of fashion mid-december 2015 to start new projects and to become an entrepreneur.

It wasn’t that I didn’t like what I was doing anymore but I felt a real need to throw myself in my own projects (to simplify, I don’t have one project but many). I started working on some of them but with my days busy at work and my family, it wasn’t possible any more. I had to make a choice because I had the impression to do a lot but to only half do it, for me who like to get things done properly was extremely frustrating.

So instead of taking the risk to regret it one day, I gave myself several months to start in a new direction and to see suited me and if success came along.

The idea to be an entrepreneur has always be in me, I made some tests which didn’t succeed and worked on projects which ended up not being feasible. But I think I was mostly afraid to really throw myself completely, maybe because I was afraid of failure and also because of social pressure which seems to imply that being successful is belonging to a mould. But you have to accept the fact that it is not necessarily what suits you, or at least at a certain time in your life.

I think I was also waiting to find “THE IDEA” to be successful. But I eventually realised that to be an entrepreneur, you can start with loads of ideas and not just “THE IDEA” so awesome it would be a success straight away.

It’s a bit like a jump in to the unknown because i dont have any guarantee that something will work, the financial security is not certain and my near future looks like a question mark. But i feel good from having done it, in harmony with myself (and it is not a small achievement in itself!)


It is a bit difficult to explain what I am concentrating on at the moment because I have several projects, still in the study stage, that I cannot unveil yet. I have to admit that the multi-entrepreneurship attracts me because I have some many ideas in my head, so many things I am interested in and that I want to try. 


Though I had to reason myself in order to follow the saying: everything in its own time.

But I’m going to give you a quick overview of my current projects:


-This blog I’ve just started and that I’m very proud of, I love to write, create, share. To make a living out of it one day, I would like that very much, but I am aware there are few chosen ones so for the time being, I am happy with the pleasure I get from it.

-I took part in the launch of a new company and I am looking after all the marketing/communication/PR — more details to come 🙂

-I have been working for over a year now on a concept for a website. I can’t talk about it at the moment because it is being studied by lawyer to check if it is legally feasible. 

So yes, it is all a bit crazy, I am well aware of that, but I was at a point of my life where I needed the craziness and I felt like I had to do it. Strangely, I have great faith in the future even though I am unsure on how things will turn out. 


I see 2016 as my year (positive attracts positive). To be honest, if you don’t believe in your project, no one else will.

I am lucky to have a partner that can support me during this time, even if clearly, we will have to reassess our budget. Having said that, no pain, no gain.

To those who say it is risky, I say life is too short!

I have also started an soul-searching process, in order to rediscover myself, my skills, my desires, in order to focus on me and what I like to do.

I am sharing all that with you today because I am now in a good state of mind but I have been through many phases of doubts, sleepless nights, hours of intense cogitation I would exhaust myself… Now I force myself to sweep away my doubts as soon as they show up in order to stay focus and carry on.

The mistake I made at the start was to try to do everything at the same time (where do you need to click to have 40 hours day? :)) The more I was thinking about everything I needed to do, the more I was looking at my never-ending to-do list, the less I was achieving. My productivity was decreasing, I was stressing, in short, a vicious circle completely counter-productive.

So I work a lot on self-improvement in order to deal with things step by step, one task at a time while maintaining the priorities and everything will then fall in place.

I don’t know what tomorrow will bring but I am confident in the possibilities and I try to be open to opportunities and signs (sorry for the cliché but it is true). I want to give myself the time to see what can happen and what life has to offer without trying to control everything.

I am fully aware that this won’t be able to last for months and months but for the time being, I dabble and I work hard to achieve my goals.


So I’ll see you soon for the next episode of my adventure and I invite you as well to share your personal experiences on this topic.


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