4 reasons to drink ginger juice

While on holidays in Senegal in 2014 I discovered ginger juice, loved it and brought the recipe home with me.

This juice really gives me a great boost in the morning, kind of like a  coffee (at least for me) and it is very good for your health, that’s why I am using it more and always have some in my kitchen. 


  1. It helps with digestion.
  2. It helps with pregnancy nausea
  3. It stimulates your immune system.
  4. It helps your sleep if you drink a glass at the end of the day.

The ingredients:

-50 g of ginger

-500 ml of water

-2 table spoons of honey or sugar

-A few fresh mint leaves (optional)


The recipe:

-Peel the ginger and cut into small pieces.

-Pulse the ginger with the water and mint in a blender or food processor.

-Filter with a sieve.

-Add the honey and stir.

If ginger juice alone is too strong for you, try diluting it with some orange or pineaple juice for a nice and tasty mixed juice.

You can also remove the sugar or honey if you like it; personally I like my ginger juice with no sugar and only mint leaves.


For those who have a juicer at home, you can also blend the ginger in it to get pure and strong ginger juice that will have to be diluted into water.


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