Montreal Science Centre

Last week, I went for the first time with my daughter to the

Montréal Science Center

and I have to admit I have been pleasantly surprised. It is located in the Old Port of Montréal and has several rooms with the following themes:


  • CLIC – an area for the youngest (less than 7 years old)

A beautiful area, many construction sets, shapes, colors, in a very playful atmosphere! The kids can build a house, a racetrack, objects with magnets and try the spotlight with its lighting effects.



Scientific tests put in the kids reach in order to better understand them. There are many experiments to do and each is very well made; from being inside a soap bubble to the wonders of sound; the colors, the setting, everything is there to get the children interested!



How to better understand the human body whilst having fun. A lot of workshops are connected to a kinnect in order to fully take part to the discoveries.



An absolutely incredible machine that retraces the inventions of the different converters: a visual delight!


  • THE FABRIK and its creative challenges

In the form of small workshops where all equipment is provided, you need to do a challenge on each workshop before moving on to the next one. The idea is easy: to create whilst having fun!

It is quite funny because at the beginning my daughter thought it required to much attention and thought before eventually getting into it and being completely involved in each challenge.

Our first challenge was to create a machine that can move forward with some wind and the second was to build an object that can float with a load.

We all spent a great day and my caught was so enthusiastic that she already planned to go back.

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