What is a vision board?

A vision board! “But what is this?” you will probably ask me. It is based on the principle that visualising the things you want would help you getting it.

But be careful, it doesn’t mean that you just need to mention “hold on, I would like a terrific job!” and then move on to something else. No, you need to really want it, to believe it, to be convinced, to picture yourself in it, in one word, to visualise it in depth.

Are you with me? You must think I’m nuts :), I won’t blame you!



So now, concretely, what do I do?

You can choose to visualise it in your head, by taking the time to build it up and to really feel it, for example, if you dream of a house in the countryside, imagine yourself walking in the garden, picking apples from the apple tree… etc.

You can also make it on a big piece of cardboard, in a notebook or any material that is suitable for you. I made mine on a foam core board so that I can see it and move it easily.

          Then, let yourself go and write all the things you want (your dream job, a family, a house, an athletic body) all the things you would like to do, be or have.

Use key words, magazines images, small objects, personal pictures and you can even draw if you like it – use anything that inspires you.

Spend time on it, inspire yourself with the outside, play with the colors, the collages, the writings, the drawings, in one word what speak to you the most.

The action of writing (or drawing) what you want makes those things all the sudden more concrete and more accessible.

Don’t limit yourself, it is the time for you to say everything is possible!



The purpose of this board is not to give you everything that will be on it, but to get closer and to get some of them.

To fill this board is quite euphoric because it gives you the feeling that everything is possible therefore, you allow yourself to dream big.

It will also put you in a positive state of mind, more affirmative (I am going to succeed!) and this will change a lot the energy you are sending and the perception the others have of you.


When I quit my job to start my projects (see article here), I was (and I still am) convinced that I will succeed. And since then, it is amazing how everything seems to go in the same direction: truly inspiring meetings, opportunities turning up, really good vibes.

I did my very first vision board last January so it is still a bit early to share the results. I will do a little report in a year to let you all know.


So let’s get started, take your pens, try, fill the board and take it out in one year to see what has changed!

If you have any questions about it, please feel free to add them in the comments below.



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