Entrepreneurs & burn-out

The entrepreneurship is amazing, I am deeply convinced; to be able to pick your working hours, to have a flexible schedule and to be free to make your decisions, it is what suits me and I wouldn’t want to go back to being an employee who has to be at the office from 9 to 5, 5 days a week.


However, there is a small disadvantage to this situation, this activity can quickly become very time consuming; “I work for myself therefore if I don’t work, I don’t bring revenue nor I develop my activity”.

So it is very easy to get carried away because to be an entrepreneur it is not having the impression to work because you do what you love but at the same time spending you time working.


When I started, I never stopped, I was chasing time and I was working during the day, evening and at the weekend, and I felt I was heading for disaster.


Nowadays, I still work a lot but I save some time for myself:

  • I force myself to take breaks: to go for a walk, do sport, have a coffee with a friend.
  • I have several evenings a week without working.
  • I make the most of the weekends, it is a well deserved break.

I feel better, more efficient, I work less but better.


So, dear entrepreneurs, don’t strain yourselves and take some time for you, you will be more efficient.

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