The butterflies

Each year, the

Espace pour la vie

in Montréal raises many butterflies species in glasshouse. The butterflies are then released before the publics eyes on several dates. On top of being a familial attraction, it is also a way to preserve some butterflies species and to protect them.

The visit is lovely as we walked first through several thematic gardens (like Mexico, Japan and a tropical plants room) before getting to the butterfly glasshouse where they all fly “free”.


It is also very educational for the children with workshops explaining clearly the different stages in the development of a butterfly with the help of big cuddly toys.

From the chrysalid (which looks like a tiny piece of jewellery, a discovery for both mum and the kids 🙂 ) to the caterpillar and finally the butterfly.

The children can then explore by themselves the glasshouse what they have just learnt and discover the different species of butterflies. I did this visit with my daughter’s school and by the time we left, they all knew how to recognise the

monarch butterfly.

This visit was so beautiful that I wanted to share with you the photo, even for the ones who won’t be able to go, and for the Montrealer, don’t miss the butterflies flying freely, it is happening right now!


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