Backpacking in New Zealand.

Remember Marie-Lou? She left at the end of last year for a year in New Zealand, backpacking with a quick stop in British Columbia and Alberta.

Here at the summit of a mountain in Alberta with a view on the city of Banff:


During the hike, well deserved sunny break:


More than two months later, she made it to New-Zealand and continues exploring the country.

She left with her backpack only, not even knowing where she would sleep on the first night there, and her trip has been filled with surprises (many good ones). But sometines, it can be tough (when her car broke down during a trip for example) but she only remembers the good parts :).

And she is not really travelling alone afterall, as she has made many friends along the way.



She says that “Facebook can be very useful sometimes.” A Quebec woman that saw an article about Marie-Lou (via her parents) in a local newspaper in Quebec looked her up on Facebook and offered to accomodate her for a few days. Amazing story! And that’s how she spent 6 days in Auckland.


On Mount Eden with a view on Auckland city:



Marie-Lou went for a roadrip to Cape Reinga with two other travelers she met on Facebook.

Facebook for travelers:


When she is leaving for a destination, she writes what she wants on the research tab, such as « rideshare Auckland » and Facebook have a liste of people offering “lift sharing” going to or leaving from Auckland.

When she arrived in New-Zealand, she wanted to meet solo travelers as herseld, therefore, she used the term “backpack New-Zealand”.

This is how she was able to find lift-shares, advices for travelers as well as solo travelers looking to meet other traveler pals.

New people:


 Marie-Lou tells me that ” there is good in everyone and I learn from every people I met. This is why traveling is so enriching. I meet people that inspires me, that make me think of things differently. Meeting new people is one of the richest part of traveling.”



Stop at a waterfall on the way to Cape Reinga:


Another one, still driving to Cape Reinga:


Beautiful landscape in Cape Reinga, the northest part of New-Zealand:


Funny anecdote about this balles that are apparently great for gather people together.

Marie-Lou always carries hers hanging on her backpack, therefore she offently get asked about it…and it most of the time leads to a demonstration.

Sometimes people that have their own poi balles come to her to show her that they also have some.. It’s a very good way of initiating conversation.




Let’s travel a little bit more, with more photos from Marie-Lou’s trip:

Bike ride on the mountain at Pudding Hill, south island ( close to Christchurch):

Playing ukulele in a tree on Christmas day, north island in Reporoa:


In a cave under Huka Fall in Taupo, north island:

Hinking in Tongarero Crossing, north island:

Wallabees in Waimate, south island:


Photos credit:: Marie-Lou Labonté

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