"> Mon parcours a été international - j'ai toujours aimer les voyages

Travelling the world

From a very early age, I have always felt a desire to discover new places, it has to be said that I was used to moving and I had the chance to travel to every corner of the world with my parents. So I developed a taste for travel and adventure which has stayed with me to this day.

At 18, after graduating from high school, I was not very impressed with my English level (you will read : not impressed at all) so I decided to study one year in the US. So there I was in Tulsa, Oklahoma, with five words of English vocabulary. Difficult? Yes and no: the fact is, I was the only French speaker there which forced me to understand and make myself understood pretty quickly and so, within a month and a half, I was handling things pretty well. The understanding came faster than I expected and the speaking simply followed.

Back in France after 3 years of study in a business school, I already had the urge to leave again, so I decided to do my last year in the US, in New York (the dream!).

The year I spent there was both amazing (Manhattan and all of its charms) and difficult with very high level courses. I worked hard but it paid off, I got my diploma. It was only after finishing my studies that I realized: walking in Soho after class, drinking a coffee at Starbucks by Wall Street, dining at the Sofitel with a view overlooking Times Square and eating brunch in Greenwich Village on Sunday, it was great and I still have a deep love for this city where I like to go back whenever I can (being just a 7 hour drive away 😉 ).


I decided to go back to France because it was not easy at all to get a visa to work in the US. I had my first work experiences but a professional career that didn’t satisfy me much. It brought back to me that desire to travel and to discover somewhere new. It was London this time! What a great  year: amazing encounters and true friendships, a year of carefreeness but I didn’t find the job I was hoping for, so after a year I told myself that it might be time to settle and to find myself professionally. I opted for a return to France, on familiar ground.

*** This picture is not very representative of London but it is symbolic in my eyes because it is the park, close to where i used to live, i walked through it everyday to work and I would sit there with my friends on a sunny day.***

I settled in France for a few years, I had interesting jobs, met the person who became my husband, had a child and I lived in a suburb I liked. Everything was going well but the routine of the Parisian life was too intense, my husband felt the same: we started dreaming of bigger horizons. We would just need one forum: “Destination Canada” to decide to move to Canada and to start the visa process. It might sound crazy, and maybe it was after all, but we always had that feeling that everything would be fine. It wasn’t always easy, far from it, we had some tough times, some doubts, some desires to return to the place we knew, but eventually, after nearly 5 years in Montreal, I don’t regret our decision at all, the quality of life is great and I like both the quiet and popular side of our neighbourhood, whilst at the same time being in a big city.

There is that feeling in the air that everything is possible if you work hard on what you want and it is here that I found the “strength” (if I can call it like this) to

be an entrepreneur

and to finally admit that I need too much freedom to be able to stay in a fixed 9 to 5 job, for the moment at least.

Now I still dream of new horizons but more like trips and holidays because I feel the desire to settle a bit and to enjoy the confort we have, especially with the kids. It is not as easy to shake up their routine and lifestyle even though I think that changes and trips are very beneficial for their upbringing. Having said that, I know that if tomorrow we have a professional opportunity abroad for a few years, we wouldn’t hesitate to take the opportunity. Some things never change;).

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