New year, new wishes!

Happy new year everyone!

I am not being original by sharing with you my resolutions for the upcoming year but I also like to take the time to think about the year that just went by. More than resolutions, it is more of a thinking on the past year and what I want as well as my objectives for the year to come.

It keeps me motivated to think about the year that is just starting and how I want to “organize” it and my goals to attain in the next 3, 6 10 and 12 months. It gives me a clear visibility of where I want to go.


2016 has been very interesting: highly productive and high in emotions, organization and lots of work to center my professionnal objectives.

If you read my previous article (

chapter I


chapter II

 ), you know what I am talking about. You know that I left a paid job to take my chance on entrepreneurship.

It’s been  tough year (with a lot of thinking going on) but the assessment is rather positive because a year later:

  • My blog has grown a lot and a new design will be revealed soon!
  • I just started my shortbread (with a personnal message) business.
  • I got several clients for my freelance activity in marketing (copywriter, social media and project coordinator).

And most of all I found my own optimal way of organizing my work which allows me to be super productive (Yay!!).

Therefore after a busy year, I now know where I want to go professionnally and I am ready to face new challenges…thus…

HELLO 2017!

I set my year with realistic objectives with steps during the year and on the long term run as well. I really enjoy my life as an entrepreneur that I am doing everything I can to make it work.

I also would like to take some time for myself which I haven’t done in 2016; I was working way to much, all the time. I now realize that you need to take care of ourself first as we are the basis of our company.

Taking some time off also allows new ideas to come and help see things with a clearer view, it’s often when I am resting that I have many new ideas that pop in.

I am also giving myself a new challenge, already started last year, but not enough because of lack of time and because I didn’t make it a priority: have a greener way of life (food & wellness).

Therefore, here is what I want to achieve this year:



I want to try new healthier recipes, drink more juices and smoothies. I will also introduce new foods in my kitchen such as chia seeds, sunflowers seeds, hemp seeds…etc.

I will share my foods and progress on Instagram, make sure to follow:




Objective is to move more, even if it’s just for a 30 minutes walk and also try new sports. I have always wanted to do yoga, maybe it’s time to give it a try.



I will do more of what make me happy, maybe learn to medidate as well to see if I like it.

  • Make a vision board

I made one in 2016 (

article here

) and I will again this year. This is a poweful tools that really helps!


Once again, happy new year to all! Can’t wait to read what are your projects and wishes for this year.

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