City guide: 4 days in Paris

As I was saying in my previous article, I went for a 3 week holiday in France this year. I really needed it because It had been more than 2 years that I hadn’t been back.

On the schedule: some rest, family time, change of scenery, spend some quality time with my children, go for walks, eat local food; in a nutshell, let myself relax through the sweet rhythm of holidays.


I even got the chance to spend 4 days in Paris without the children at my brother’s. I took great advantage to act like a tourist and see Paris differently. When you live there and you are plunged into the daily routine, you don’t always take the time to wander and to look around you.

I took great pleasure to walk and let myself be led by my own steps, without an exact itinerary, which leads me to beautiful discoveries: small streets, shops, restaurants… etc.

I have to admit I like to be on my own sometimes and to do things for me in order to take a break from the daily routine, having said that, I have missed my 2 little sweethearts and I was so happy to see them again after 4 days .


So let’s  have a look back, in photos, at my 4 days holidays in Paris.



I completely fell  for the colors of this frontage on the




Streetart by #bebar #bebarbarie #lalasaidko#bailon.


Paris and its small courtyards.

Saint-Médard square


Around the Rue Mouffetard.


I really like the name of that bookshop.




View of Notre-Dame.


Still Notre-Dame Cathedrale.


The « Bouquinistes » along the riverbanks.


The barges.



Moments of life at the Jardin du Luxembourg.




The bandstand.



English bookshop.


Fountain in front of Parisian shops.


Stairs – Rue Rollin.


Covered passage.

Haussmannian style building.


A little nod to Quebec, my adopted province.


The Panthéon.


A small restaurant I’d like to try.


A small passage, shops and restaurants.


I had to have a photo of the Eiffel Tower, even from far away.


“L’Heure de tous” by Arman, in front of Saint-Lazare train station. To think that for a long time I used to walk pass it everything day, this sculpture was part of the scenery .


The  Bastille Place.


Shopping time at the Printemps Haussmann.


Those were my Parisian favorite moments from my last holidays.

Do you know Paris ? What are you favorite places there ?



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