Buckwheat pancakes for breakfast

Recently, I found myself to look for new way to eat in the morning because it's to me the most important meal of the day and also my favourite! I wanted to explore new way to eat a healthy breakfast.

Usually I eat some wholegrain bread with butter, sometimes peanut butter and I always make sure to add a fruit, oftently a smoothie, whenever I have enough time or I am well organized.

I also like chia bowl, marple sugar yogours or homemade muesli with almond milk.

But I wanted to have more options in the morning and I wanted to try buckweat as I heard it was a good nutrient.

And here I am testing buckweat pancake in the morning.



You'll see, it is ridiculously easy to make 😉


  • Buckweat flour  (about 1 cup)
  • Water (about 2 cup)


Like I said, I kept it very simple. So you just have to stir both the flour and water together to get a smooth mix. Then, same as pancakes, you flip it on the pan.

You can prepare it the night before to save time in the morning or even have the pancakes ready so that you just have to warm it up in the morning. It's a bit better when you do it in the morning.

Then you can have it with marple syrup and any fruit you want: blueberries, apples, bananas, strawberry… You name it! 
It also goes well with cheese. I actually tried cottage cheese and I loved it.




Like I said earlier, it is a good food to have in your kitchen. Here are a few reason why you should use buckwheat:

  1. It's very nutritional
  2. It help feeling "full" ( I can confirm, I can easily go to lunchtime without feeling hungry with these pancakes)
  3. It has antioxidants
  4. It contains proteins
  5. It contains vitamin B 













So what do you think? Will you try these buckweat pancakes for breakfast?

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