An inspiring sunday.

Last sunday, I was invited by my friend


to the awareness exhibition in Laval (Québec). I didn’t really know what to expect but I had in mind a rather small exhibition. I couldn’t be more wrong! There were about 150 exhibitors and conferences all week end long with great speakers.



I was so lucky that I could listen to the following persons:

His energy is outsanding, he is funny and very relevant, he made think (positively) to some parts of my life. What I learned from his speech:

  • Instead of running out to find what we are missing, we should first look inside ourselves, sometimes, everything is already within us, but our lack of confidence make us look elsewhere for more: more trainings, more books…etc ( not that this is not good thoutgh).
  • Whenever you are having a bad, bad day, take a few minutes to reconnect to yourself, your soul, to who you are and who you want to go, then you can go on with your day with much more serenity.
  • And he insist on not being to much in control.

Martin Latulippe is very well-know in Québec and internationally. I really discovered him this week-end and was amazed by his talent, charism and his ability to convert his audience.

What I learned from his conference:

  • The importance of letting go, which is a challenge for many of us, this is what I struggle with and try to improve.  
  • He mentionned this sentence I didn’t know: “Accept the perfection of imperfection. My latest mantra is closed to that: Better done than perfect, that I got from Lyvia Cairo.
  • Learn to trust yourself and predict that good things are going to happen.







What I learned from them:

  • Learn to say no to some opportunities/offers (rather that saying yes to anything that comes your way) in order to save yourself for bigger “Yes” to opportunities that are exactly what you want and will help you get where you want to go.
  • Do not compare to others but love yourself.
  • Our happiness depend on what we make out of event.
  • Opening ourselves to the ”AND IF”: instead of thinking it’s unfeasible why not try to think “and if it was”. 🙂


With Lilou Mace:

With François Lemay:

Reading the book I bought in the exhibition ;).



I hope you enjoyed this article. I really wanted to share it with you because I left the exhibition feeling so great and motivated that I wanted to pass a little bit of this over to you with my article.

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