Visiting Toubab Dialaw (Senegal)

During our trip to Dakar in 2014, we spent some days at Toubab Dialow, approximatively 45 min drive from


, south-east.

On the road, we had the opportunity to admire many baobabs, scenes from the African lifestyle as well as markets (how coud you resist to the call of so many fruits!).




Toubab Dialaw is a small fishing village which is currently developing and which has many holiday homes. A lot of construction was still in progress during my visit there.

Its cliffs, its fine sandy beaches and its dirt roads make it a magnificent place, an invitation to rest and unwind.




The color of the clay roads is simply beautiful and add to the undeniable charm of this small village.

I was really moved by the contrasting colors that we can find between the earth, the plants and the sea.




We had lunch (grilled fish) at the Espace Sobobade, whilst a reggae concert was preparing on the beach below. It is located in the heigh so the view over the rest of the village is amazing.





We also enjoyed swimming at the hotel Iris, at the end of the street where we were staying, with a beautiful view on the beach and an idyllic setting.



We went to the hotel La Pierre de Lisse, at Popenguine, which is a 20 minute drive, south of Toubab Dialaw, in order to enjoy the swimming pool and the beach. You will notice the beauty of the blossoming bougainvilleas on this photo.





I also had the pleasure to see the stalls of hand-crafted products during our walks: on the beach, in the streets… If I could have done, I would have brought back everything.

This trip was for us a beautiful tranquillity break

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