Gorée island

I will carry on with the story about my holidays in Senegal in 2014 with the visit of Gorée island where we spent the day. It is located just off Dakar and takes 20mins on a rowboat.

On the rowboat, except some tourists, we met many locals that were there to work on the island, whether it was on the market, in the restaurants or even as artists.

The view of the island that we get upon arriving is mesmerising, between the blue of the water, the palm trees and the vivid colours of the houses.




I think that half a day on the island can be enough but we wanted to take the time to walk around, to have lunch and to spend some time on the beach (fairly crowded because small and very visited).

We hired a guide who traveled around with us in order to teach us the history. I was amazed by the beauty of the streets.











We had grilled fish for lunch, on the waterfront with no beach but a direct view of the ocean, in a small restaurant full of charm.




We could not visit without going to the Maison des Esclaves (the Slaves house), it was deeply disturbing and very intense to be in a place filled withs much history (and I am even short for words) but it is essential not to forget.




Depending on the part of the island you are, the views of the ocean are calming and sublime.

There is also a small market where you can find, more or less, the same items as in the markets in Dakar.




We also found there a stunning view of the city of Dakar.


I would say that the Gorée island is a must-see if you are in Senegal for its beauty and its history.

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