Lake Pink trail


During our family getaway to Ottawa (post


) we rented a flat with Airbnb in Gatineau and we stayed about 0,5 miles from the

Gatineau Park

, which is 36,131 hectares wide, and we were at 15 minutes drive away from the

Pink Lake trail


This park really is amazing and huge, there are so many hiking and riding trails as well as many lakes with several activities you can choose from : beach, canoe, fishing, camping…etc

We decided to go to the Lake Pink trail, well-known for it wonderful green color; we were truly surrounded by beautiful lanscapes.




We went hiking on the Lake Pink trail, with its 1.6 miles (about 60 minutes walking); it took us around 1 hour ½  with the kids as we took our time and made several stops. In case you wonder, this is not accessible with a stroller because of the many stairs and paths.

During this stroll, we found ourselves contemplating the lake from different views; the many shades of green were just incredible. Although the lake is beautiful and the water color is very tempting; swimming in the lake is forbidden, to preserve it.



On the way, we came across this adorable chipmunk 🙂 :

Useful information: Parking to this trail is free, however, some other parkings are not.



For those that don’t want to go on the trail, there is also a panoramic viewpoint, accessible with cars, with parking spaces. It will allow you to admire the lac from the top and to take pictures.


Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I will let you discover our journey through these photos.













This day in Gatineau park was a breath of fresh air, out in the country with extraordinary landscapes and a perfect weather #beautifulday !



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